General Information

Name of Founder: High King Firnyalion Frostwing


Altyr’Darasmai – the Citadel of Eternity – was founded close to the ruins of the fallen Sidhe Capital of Simyala at the end of the Year of Fire. The events that led to the fall of Simyala, namely the Battle in the Clouds, the Invasion of the Damned and the Burning of Alteia, made it seem impossible for the Shide to ever retake their fallen Capital. The High King perished with Alteia. Hope seemed slim when the High King’s youngest son, Firnyalion, rose from the ashes of such terrible loss and led his people to retake what had been lost.

Other Names

  • Shira-Darzûr, The Eternal Queen of the Snows: Dwarrow Name for the Citadel.
  • The High Seat of the Sidhe Kings: Term used in Menfolk tales, especially in Vanir Sagas


Kingdom: Heart of the Sidhe High-Kingdom

People & Population

Indigenous Peoples

While all races of the Sidhe can be found in Altyr’Darasmai, the native people of this land are mainly the Caldurai and Arytar.

Population Distribution

  • Caldurai (Moonfolk): 25%
  • Arytar (Frostfolk): 50%
  • Elcarain (Woodlandfolk): 10%
  • The Lervallaine (Sunfolk): 15%

Primary Language

  • Ceal’tach: The ancient High Tongue of the Sidhe
  • Ary’tal: Native dialect of the Arytar

Other Languages

  • Heniaith (Cymry Old Tongue): The most common tongue of the ancient languages of the Cymry still taught among the Sidhe
  • Saesneg (Menfolk Common Tongue): Only Sidhe that have regular interaction with the other races tend to be taught this language.


Being the major home of the Arytar and the Seat of the High King makes Altyr’Darasmai the heart and center of the Sidhe Warrior Caste. It is the seat of their three great Warrior Societies: the Riante, Tarai’cane, and the Alvari.

The Riante

Other Name: Hunters of the Fallen Star

The Riante are a ranger-style force of fighters. They utilize sword, bow, and minor spellwork that allows them to hide and merge with shadows.

The Riante seek fighters willing to work alone and be willing to risk everything in the fight against the Shadow. This includes a willingness to adopt the Shadow’s methods.

The Alvari

Other Name: Lances of a Vanished Moon

The Alvari are the Sidhe’s Gryphon mounted cavalry.

Both the Alvari and the Riante only recruit the very best of the Sidhe warriors. The primary skill requirement for the Alvari is the ability to bond closely with gryphons.

The  Tarai’cane

Other Name: Sword that Cleaves the Shadow.

Tarai’cane mix sword and magic to achieve dangerous effects. They are not mages, but they put their limited arcane skills and abilities to excellent use.

Becoming Tarai’cane demands warrior skills, great courage, and arcane talent. Every initiate must undergo the Trial of Darkness. Failing the trial means death. Even some of the initiates that pass the trial do not survive.

The High Hall of the Fae-Dar

The Sidhe Knighthood dwell in Altyr’Darasmai. Many sword-masters of the Sidhe live in the Citadel of Eternity and train their students.

All this makes the Altyr’Darasmai the most martial of all Sidhe Kingdoms. It is also the heart of their ongoing conflicts with the darker powers of the world.



Eldarion of the Silver Bow: Captain of the Silver, leader of the Fae-Dar. The dark-haired moon-elf rose from the ranks of the Riante and attained Knighthood for his exceptional bravery in battling the Scourge of Elderwood. He is a common sight in the city, conferring with the heads of the warrior societies and with Larchanar, the Captain-General of the King’s Armies.

Larchanar Stormrider: Captain-General of the King’s Armies. The golden-haired Sunfolk warrior is an Alvari, a Gryphon-Rider. He was offered induction into the Fae-Dar three times but refused, as his main duties lay with his King and not with the Knighthood.

Aelia Turialis Greensong: The Woodlands-Daughter with her fiery red hair is the Guardian of the Unicorn, the Head Priestess of the Turani in Altyr Darasmai. She is a very accomplished healer and highly respected by people high and low alike.


Location and Borders

Altyr’Darasmai is located in the Northern Ringwall Mountains, high above the Dwarrow realms of Tynar-Dazûr. The relationship of between the Dwarrow and the Sidhe was not always easy. However, they came together and formed alliances during the Dark Times.

The borders of the Citadel’s territory are not really marked. Where the dwarven territory ends and the Sidhe territory begins is dependent on the agreements of both Kings. This can drive outsiders crazy, while both races adopt an “as needed and needful” stance towards the issue.


The actual Citadel of Eternity resides high on a frozen promontory protruding from the iced flank of Raktanshani, the Peak of Frozen Tears, which rises high above it. Below, on the cold flanks of the mountain stretches the city. The city is named Altyr’Darasmai, Citadel of Eternity, as is the Kingdom, that stretches out into the surrounding cold land.


The higher regions of Altyr’Darasmai are perpetually frozen, while the lower vales have a harsh Northern climate.


Only through their powerful singers are the Sidhe able to grow food on the surface of their cold homeland. The Frostfolk cultivated a variety of crops, such as the Pale Rye and Ice Peppers which can be grown in these heights.

Flora and Fauna

There are several species of trees, plants and animals adapted to the harsh environment of Altyr’Darasmai.


Black Bear, Mountain Goats, Moose, Caribou, Black Tail Deer, Snow Fox, White Gryphons

Plants, Trees

Black and White Spruce, Subalpine Fir, Tamarack, Paper Birch, Quaking Aspen, various willow trees, Sidhe Birch, Wailing Willow, Whispering Pine


Form of Government: Monarchy

Current Ruler(s): High King Aldarion Blackwing Ralatarmir of the House of the Dreaming Moons.

Aldarion Blackwing Ralatarmir of the House of the Dreaming Moons

Formal Titles

  • Aldarion Blackwing
  • Crowned Ralatarmir
  • High King of the Sidhe
  • Protector of the Tuath’adan
  • Watcher over the Waves
  • Shield of the Sun
  • Blade of the Frost
  • Protector of the Fallen Moon
  • Warden of the Forest-Lands
  • He who walks with Dawn, by grace and blessing High King of Simyala. Greet his Majesty with gratitude, humility and joy!

Race: Moonfolk


Age: Aldarion appears to be 150 to 170 years old. However, it is considered exceedingly rude to speculate on how old the High King is or how long he has reigned. Questions and comments of this nature can easily lead to challenges or duels by offended Sidhe.

Aldarion is the unusual case of a Tarai’cane on the High Seat. The House of the Dreaming Moons was thought to have lost the throne when Aldarion’s father, High King Emeralion, died and his brother, Crown Prince Liskanar, was killed by remnants of the Black Host.
Aldarion surprised his people by returning his brother’s corpse, the Blade of Rule and a Fragment of the Shattered Moon after avenging Liskanar’s death.

Hierarchy & Structure

The High King resides in Altyr’Darasmai. Like other rulers, Aldarion travels. He is still very active and involved in the fight against the Lord of Shadows.

There are three Kings ruling under the High King

  • King of Elderwood
  • King of Chyra-Alaya
  • King of the Seven Stones

Nobility: The Sidhe do not have a separate noble class. There are ancient houses that can trace their bloodlines back to the Elder Days. The Sidhe hold them in the same regard as most races do their nobility.

Fae-Dar: Sidhe Knights are the three warrior classes Riante, Tarai’cane, and Alvari.

Influential Castes

  • Healers
  • Singers
  • Keepers of Lore
  • Guardians of the Lost

Essoya: The common people are referred to as the Essoya (Flower of the Meadows), a term that is not derogatory but simply a description.

Major Laws

Iltan Tan’shir: The Law of the High King is a general code of law. It codifies many rules and laws that apply to all Sidhe. Below that each Sidhe nation has their own code of law. The High King’s Law is actually the bracket tying them all together and making them compatible.

Military Structure

The High King’s Army includes the Riante, Alvari, Tarai’cane and common Sidhe warriors that serve as scouts, mounted infantry, and foot soldiers. The army is commanded by the Captain-General. While many Riante and Alvari joined the High King’s armies, not all Riante and Alvari have to be High King’s army.

Each king has his own military forces. They are obliged to answer the call to the High King’s Banner should the need arise.

Alliances and Adversaries

Tynar-Dazûr: The Sidhe and the Dwarrow have an argumentative friendship. Living so close to each other, Altyr’Darasmai and Tynár-Darzûr cannot avoid interactions. While they have helped each other against many foes, the constant bickering seems adversarial.

Cymeria: TBD: diplomatic alliance?

Menfolk: The Sidhe are neutral but watchful where the races of Menfolk are concerned. In their experience, sooner or later, mankind always awaken the Shadow and its forces.


Altyr’Darasmai trades healing substances, ice-statues, frozen lights, and other Sidhe crafts. The Sidhe are not traders by nature so much of their imports and exports are facilitated by a dozen dwarf clans that live in the frozen regions (the often falsely termed “cold” dwarves, recognizable by their blond hair). Their trade goods travel via Tynar-Darzûr. Very few traders of other nations ever journey to the frozen peaks to see the capital of the Sidhe.