Cymry: Myths and Legends


The Cymry’s very existence is rooted in legend and myth. It should not be surprising that numerous tales permeate their society. A few of the notable stories are listed here.

The Azarov Grimoire

It is known that the first post-interregnum High Lord, Mathias Azarov, sent his grimoire into hiding after recording the Quickening Ritual in it. It is said to contain other ancient arcane rituals and secrets and has become something of a touchstone for the Cymry who still practice the Old Ways.

Scepter of Destiny

It is said that a Shard of the Great Talisman was given to the High Elder of Atlantis as the Cymry fled their dying homeland. This Shard was in the shape of a diamond dagger and handed down from one High Elder to the next during their search for a new homeland. Eventually, it led High Elder Kanan Azarov to the Hall of Forever in Harkania where it then became part of the Scepter of Destiny.

For centuries it remained there, wielded by the Rulers of the Cymry. As the Interregnum came to an end and Mathias Azarov and Econi Tsarimov fought their famous duel, Tsarimov impaled Mathias with the Scepter. While the Scepter did not kill Mathias, it made him see the future, things to come, terrible things. While he never shared what had transpired in those moments, they changed Mathias forever, and he felt the scepter was too powerful for anyone to wield. Yet, as none of the Cymry would dare to destroy a shard willfully, the only option was to hide it. The hiding place, so say whispers, was created by an Archadept whom Mathias trusted above all others. He Crossed soon after the work was done to avoid ever revealing its secrets. The hiding place, known as the Cavern of Silence, is sealed by seven seals – for each of which a Key is needed.

Those Keys were literally scattered to the four winds, as Mathias’ loyal followers carried them to the farthest corners of the world and hid them, in hopes that no one might ever re-unite them. Then each of them took the White Road, and the Secret was complete.

Sacrifice of Kanan

The Sacrifice of Kanan is the tale of how, after the Talisman shattered and was flung to the Four Winds, the Cymry set out to find the fragments. Kanan assumed the role of High Elder, their leader, shortly into their epic thousand plus year voyage. After that, he took charge of overseeing the First Shard — the only known physical remains of the Great Talisman. In time, he led the Cymry to Cymeria and found the Throne of Ages. Here, he became the first Cymry to take the Crossing since the Curse of the Four Winds and continue his journey on the White Road.

It is rumored that the weather is dictated by the moods of the Cymry, particularly of the High Lord.

The Land is the King

The Land is the King, and The King is the Land is one of the Cymry’s most revered legends and beliefs. It says that as long as the land flourishes, the King (High Lord) and the people will flourish. Likewise, if the land is maltreated, the King and the people will be diminished. There is also the belief that to seal his bond to the land, the High Lord’s blood must be spilled upon it.

Connected to the belief that the High Lord is bonded to the land, is the legend that he can erect a physical shield in the form of an impenetrable wall of storms by impaling his hand to the Throne of Ages using the Scepter of the Prophet. As long as he remains impaled upon the Throne, he is nourished and strengthened by the land. Removal of the Scepter most likely means immediate death.

Also buried deep in the memories and psyche of the Cymry is the legend, or perhaps the genetic knowledge, of the geas laid upon them by the Four Winds. The command to seek and find the shards of the Talisman and reunite them so that the Balance of the Ley will be restored.

It is believed that the Cymry’s powers increase during the waxing of the rings of Marnwr and are at their height (most powerful) when all three rings are distinctly visible.

Cylch o Fedrus

Other Name(s): Circle of Adepts

All over Gaia, there are circles of standing stones, great menhirs that seem to have grown from the very ground. They are all situated atop flat-topped hillocks or ridges. The top of the hill always has a natural wellspring or small rill which is at the center of the circle. Many of the stones are linked by giant capstones. Sometimes they are set in a single array, but often there are concentric rings of them starting well down the hillside and getting smaller in circumference with the top ring being the smallest of all. They range in size from being large enough to build a small community within them to barely large enough for two or three people.

While the truth of the cylchs has been lost for all time, in reality, they sprang from deep within Gaia when the Cymry banded together into a Grand Coven during the fall of Atlantis. The immense powers they called upon raised the cylchs from deep within Gaia.
No one knows why certain cylchs are safe-havens and others are shadow-trapped.


It is believed by Celt and Cymry alike that these circles or cylchs are the forms of archadepts frozen in stone forever as a punishment meted out by Marnwr for misuse of their power. As part of their punishment, they are charged with protecting those who seek shelter to atone for their misdeeds.


Banecylchs are believed to be dark archadepts who were changed at the same time as those of the Light. It was a punishment by Cysgodi for not defeating the Cymry on Atlantis. They are forever charged with trapping the unwary and bringing them into Cysgodi’s service.

The Riddle of Steel

There is one more primary tenet held by the Cymry and adopted by many a Cymerian warrior. At some point they will be asked, What is the Riddle of Steel? The answer is that the true strength of steel is in the hand that wields it – in other words, it is the resolve and commitment brought to a task, not the quality or quantity of tools used in performing it, that is the most important factor in determining success.

Mythical Creatures

There is a myriad of mythical and legendary creatures and beings thought to inhabit the ancient lands of Cymeria. The people, however, realize they are mythical and do not expect to encounter one of them lurking in the forests. Some of these creatures do exist, however, and the legends that surround them often give them arcane powers (the Kraken is one example of a living creature that is surrounded by myth and legend).


Other Name(s): Ddraig

The Ddraig have the honor of being both real and myth. Most Menfolk have tales of the Ddraig, some good, some bad. Others believe the existence of the gemstones called Dragon Eyes or Dragon’s Eyes is proof they exist and may still exist.

General Myth: Dragons are mythical beings that, in the time before time, brought knowledge and protection to the fledgling Menfolk races. But as Menfolk tend to do, they discovered the worth of the dragons’ eyes or feared the mighty creatures and made war on them, eventually killing all but a small number of them. In sorrow, the remaining dragons withdrew from the realms of Menfolk.

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